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Conditions We Treat

Sports injuries, neck and shoulder pain, low back and hip pain, sciatica, headaches, pregnancy, ICBC

Treatments We Use

Manual Adjustments, Activator – hand held mechanical instrument, ART, Physiotherapy modalities – Suction cups, Massage therapy percussion tool, Kinesiology and Active Rehabilitation

Custom Orthotics & Products

Custom comfortable orthotics that aid in posture correction. Supportive aids, muscle trigger point balls, natural pain relieving gets, and more.

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  • "Over a long athletic career playing Football as a UBC Varsity Athlete, I sustained a lot of injuries that developed into chronic pain in my lower back and hip girdle. After a few sessions and some helpful tips from Dr Budhwani at Campus Chiropractic I saw a tremendous improvement in my range of motion and postural stability which has got me exercising and competing pain free. Their friendly and professional staff, easy online booking and affordable rates for students makes Campus Chiropractic my automatic choice for my rehabilitation needs."

    - Keenan Godden

  • "While I live out of province, I attempt to see Dr. Budhwani as frequently as I am in the Vancouver area and I always receive expert treatment and advice (including practical exercises to do at home). So, when my father was experiencing extreme back, pelvis and leg pain, I insisted he also visit Dr. Budhwani. He was skeptical as he had seen multiple chiropractors in BC and Washington State and did not receive any relief from his symptoms. However, he has become a loyal patient after his positive experience with Dr. Budhwani. She took the time to listen to him, describe what and why she was doing each adjustment and prescribed a follow-up plan that was realistic for his age and physical condition. He and I are both thrilled with the results. Thank you Dr. Budhwani!"

    -Lyndal Larkin

  • "I really enjoyed my visit with Dr. Rozina! It was so nice to talk with her - I could tell she really cares how I'm doing. She sent me my exercise program before our visit, and we went through it together so should could watch and make sure I was doing it correctly. I've been getting really stiff in my neck and shoulders, especially now that I'm working from home. The exercise program she created for me really helped me feel better."

    -Laura Johnson

  • ICBC Patient of Dr. Erin Mailloux:

    I have been seeing Erin for weekly chiropractic treatments since August 2019 for my neck and back pain sustained from a car accident. Erin is a caring and knowledgeable chiropractor, not only does she do great adjustments, but she also gives me stretches and exercises to do at home for my home care. I have total trust in her ability and I always leave feeling like new. Thanks Erin!!

    -Judy Wong

  • I've had a winged scapula for a couple of decades and despite doing plenty of physio and getting massages over the years, it still bothers me every day.

    After tearing my rotator cuff for the 100th time I made an appointment with Dr. Danielle McKinney and after 4 weeks of treatments, I feel so much better, better than before the tear.

    -Jen Wearing

Awards & Accreditations

2019 Business Person of the Year Finalist

Custom Orthotic Therapy Certification

Active Release Technique


Canadian association of fitness professionals - Personal Trainer