Healthy Eating Habits And Immune Boosters

Breakfast – start their day off right with some good protein, whole grains, and seasonal fruits. Where possible eat organic products. If they don’t like to eat breakfast, at least get some fruit and/or nuts in their little hands to munch on as they head to school.

Vitamin C – popular for fighting colds and keeping our immune systems strong. In medical literature there are over 60,000 published articles and studies. Hard to doubt its positive effects. Have your kids take it daily and ensure an absence of sugar and food colouring!

Zinc – another powerhouse nutrient and also has been shown in numerous studies to help decrease the intensity of a viral cold. Lozenges are popular, are absorbed well and kids don’t have to stress about swallowing a pill!

Vitamin D – has been in the spotlight more then ever. In addition to its support of the immune system, its benefits are endless. An easy supplement to find, but we encourage our patients to use a liquid form to ensure maximal absorption.

Probiotics – continuously studies show the new benefits of probiotics; without an adequate and varied army of the good bacteria in our gut we are left to be vulnerable to the outside world including invasive viruses. A daily probiotic particularly in the cold & flu season is so important. 

If you are not sure about dosing, frequency, or form of the supplement, please ask to consult with our Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Kassam.