Campus Chiropractic Newsletter – December 3rd, 2021

From all of us at Campus Chiropractic, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! Good bye and Good Luck Alisha! While we are sad to see you leave Campus Chiropractic, we are so proud of the fact that you decided to pursue higher education. Going back to school is a big decision and we are so excited for … Read More

Campus Chiropractic Newsletter – August 5, 2021

Dear Campus Chiropractic patients, I am delighted to be the healthcare provider for the Acupuncture service at UBC Campus Chiropractic. If you are interested in how acupuncture can help you, keep reading on. Acupuncture originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), which has a long history of being practiced in China. TCM has a unique anatomical system called the Meridian system. As a … Read More

Campus Chiropractic Newsletter – April 14, 2021

Is Anxiety Hiding in Your Everyday Routines? You may be doing, saying, listening, and performing your daily rituals without being aware of stress and anxiety slowly building up inside. Before we try all the different methods of trying to become calmer and more mindful or even getting rid of anxiety altogether just being aware of these little hiccups should be … Read More

How to Have a Safe and Spooky Halloween

Scroll down for the autumn product special! October 31st falls on a Saturday! It’s not a school night so it’s time to party, right? Not quite. This Halloween is going to look and feel different than any other. Many are trying to figure out how to enjoy this holiday in a socially distant, mask wearing, cleaning and sanitizing world.  Here are some … Read More

Acupuncturist Joining The Team

Campus Chiropractic has just added a new Acupuncturist Michael Yin to the team. Most common symptoms that Michael treats are: muscular pain, neuropathic pain, hormonal related disorder, mental stress and digestive disorder. Anyone who is unsure how acupuncture therapy can benefit their health and well being, Michael encourages you to book a complimentary 10 minutes session to understand how acupuncture can … Read More

Good Posture is Power!

Many adults and children will continue to work/study from home and may not have the best ergonomic set up. Slouching at your computer or bending forward in a forward head posture while you work on your laptop for hours can cause weakness in your postural muscles and eventually muscular skeletal conditions.  Good posture helps to prevent back and neck pain, allows … Read More

Healthy Eating Habits And Immune Boosters

Breakfast – start their day off right with some good protein, whole grains, and seasonal fruits. Where possible eat organic products. If they don’t like to eat breakfast, at least get some fruit and/or nuts in their little hands to munch on as they head to school. Vitamin C – popular for fighting colds and keeping our immune systems strong. In medical … Read More

Newsletter: Done with NETFLIX and HOMESCHOOLING? What do we do now?

It’s been almost 2 months since we’ve all been grounded at home and if you have kids, grandchildren, etc. the days may seem even longer. You may be hard-pressed to find activities to fill that time. Below are 5 suggestions you and your family can do together: Gardening – whether you have a backyard or not, going to your local garden … Read More

Sleep Ergonomics

How You Sleep and What You Sleep On Can Make The Difference In Pain Management One of the most common questions we get from our patients is about the best position for optimal sleep. All the mental and physical stresses we face in “normal” life make getting a good night’s sleep a challenge, let alone during these uncertain times. Good … Read More

Working or Studying from Home? How’s Your Posture?

If your neck and shoulders are tight, your lower back is sore, and your butt is numb then you’re probably not sitting in good posture and/or not sitting at an ergonomic desk. And you’re not alone. Since starting telehealth virtual appointments last week, these are the most common conditions we are seeing. The spine’s most ergonomic posture which produces less stress … Read More